Live: Magic Kids @ Echoplex, 7.9.10

All photos by David Greenwald

A magician never reveals his secrets. Magic Kids gave theirs away before they played a single note: “Did anyone bring a violin to the show?” they asked during their lengthy set-up, prolonged by technical difficulties and first major tour growing pains. It took the youngsters a few songs to get warmed up, but after playing blog hit and so-far discography stand-out “Summer,” the six-piece indie-pop act enchanted. Their sound was filled with bits of the Magnetic Fields, along with the defunct Pants Yell!’s wry edge and a touch of the also defunct (sad face!) Crystal Skulls’ jazz-chord athleticism. A brief but prodigious set — I’m looking forward to hearing the Kids grow up. More photos after the jump.

Magic Kids – “Summer”: mp3

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