New Music: Panda Bear – “Slow Motion”

Panda Bear’s Tomboy single just leaked. I’m listening to and live-blogging the b-side, “Slow Motion.” Here we go: A snap-crackle-pop drum loop. Panda Bear goes hip-hop? Then he’d have to have lyrics. Hamster wheel pedal-warped guitars enter next. Shit’s woozy. Here come the vox: multi-layered Noah Lennox melodic half-ideas blend in and out of each other, unintelligibly. A minute in, the song shifts its chords slightly as the vocals continue to loop. Will there be a chorus? Nah. Then, exhaustingly, the Animal Collective burbles, in case you were wondering which AC member has the collection of 1938 Everglades field recordings. We’re still looping. The drums are still drumming. I’m still waiting for the Best New Music. Did I mention I really like the new Baths record?

For context, Panda protectors, after the jump you’ll find the video for Animal Collective’s “Guys Eyes,” which finds Lennox at his day job doing a lot of the same things in a dynamic, aesthetically rich way, instead home recording himself hum while eating Cheerios.

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