New Music/Video: A Classic Education – “Gone To Sea”

A Classic Education – “Gone To Sea” from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

Some noteworthy inside-baseball for you: A Classic Education, an Italian act who, in “Gone To Sea,” recycles the best bits of U.K. post-punk with an added smear of slacker misanthropy, is having Force Field PR handle its press. As curators, Force Field is as influential and taste-oriented as any label these days, and probably more than most: this is why half the rock bands you’ve been listening to since SXSW seem like they’re stealing Felt and Orange Juice’s guitar tones. (Hey Beach Fossils, I see you!) Within this ultra-specific moment in ’80s revivalism, though, “Gone to Sea” is one of the more worthy offspring — its reverb-soaked instruments feel cosmic, not caved in, and while the vocals aren’t far from the Ariel Pink (another Force Fielder) school of numb-tongued disinterest, the melody’s clear and strident enough to keep A Classic Education at the head of the class. (Related: This weekend’s FYF Fest [which looks awesome, and I would be attending if I didn’t have pneumonia] which Force Field is doing press for, could’ve easily been called FF Fest: At least five of the company’s acts are on the bill. The more you know...)

A Classic Education – “Gone To Sea”: mp3