Live: Generationals @ The Satellite, 2.17.11

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On March-due sophomore album Actor-Caster, Generationals flip-flop between charming indie-pop that scratches that obligatory early Beach Boys itch and songs that just don’t sound like they’re trying very hard. Live, it became clear that effort isn’t the problem. The band members are all reasonable commanders of their instruments and took the stage with considerable energy, if not with Zeusian thunderbolts. No, the problem is simple: Generationals, like most blogosphere flashes-in-the-pan, have all the personality of a ham sandwich. (In this metaphor, Beulah are Langer’s pastrami and Pants Yell! are chicken pesto with melted havarti.) So see them, if you’re starving for new guitar-pop, but keep the rest of the menu in the mind. (Not to mention Satellite-mates MINKS, whose ’80s revivalism had charisma to burn.)

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