First Look: Swimclub – ‘Funhouse for Friends’

Swimclub - Funhouse for FriendsBrooklyn act Swimclub’s Funhouse for Friends is a pretty great crash course in pop history. Singer Gene Davenport, Morrissey perched on his shoulder, intones his way through a few generations of rock ‘n’ roll music — highlight “What You Want” offers handclaps, romantic befuddlement and ’50s guitars; “El Lamento!” brings in the ’80s synths; “Never Tried” dips into post-punk. But the band’s textbook dives never go deep enough to distract from tunes catchy enough to win a Gold Glove and moving enough to wallow away your workweek woes. The self-released EP is out now.

Swimclub – “She’s a Teaser”: mp3