New Music: Pepper Rabbit – ‘Rose Mary Stretch’

Pepper Rabbit
photo by David Greenwald

Rawkblog favorites Pepper Rabbit will return this summer with sophomore album (and their first proper full-length: Beauregard gathered their two EPs with a handful of new tracks) Red Velvet Snow Ball. Like Spider-Man 2 before it, the new effort might just top its predecessor. Lead single “Rose Mary Stretch” offers a fresh side of the previously hazy psych-folk band: Luc Laurent’s unwavering drumming cuts through the clouds before singer Xander Singh’s charging chorus blasts aside any lingering fumes. It won’t entirely harsh your mellow: the musicianship’s playful in an of Montreal sort of way, but the song itself is built to be played live, a reflection of the increasing volume of the band’s endless touring. It’s a good thing.

Download the song (and the band’s free accompanying EP) for the price of an email below and watch their Waynestock take on upcoming deep cut “The Annexation of Puerto Rico.”