New Music: Chalk and Numbers – ‘Summer Nights (and Summer Days)’

Chalk and Numbers - He KnewWith its title an inversion of the Beach Boys’ exclamation-bearing 1965 album, twee duo Chalk and Numbers’ latest song doesn’t stop the resemblance there. “Summer Nights (and Summer Days)” pays homage to the band’s cavernous drums and their heartbeat bass (shout-out to Carol Kaye), skipping the Boys’ trademark harmonies in favor of Sable Yong’s double-tracked warble. The pared-down vocals keep the attention on the words, a time-honored tale of a summer romance doomed by the coming change of seasons. By the time the keyboard solo arrives, you’ll be clutching your heart, remembering that last kiss by the campfire.

The new track arrives on the official release of the band’s superb He Knew, out this week on iTunes and beyond. (Though not on Bandcamp, weirdly.)

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