New Music: Moby – ‘Porce– er, Washed Out – ‘Eyes Be Closed’

You may remember Moby’s “Porcelain,” the Play single with the pretty synths and without Gwen Stefani. The cool kids stopped paying attention in a fit of jealousy after he dated Natalie Portman (or in compliance with Eminem’s admonition that “nobody listens to techno,” perhaps), but he has at least one super-fan: Washed Out’s Ernest Greene, whose “Eyes Be Closed” plays like a slow-motion write-around that tries desperately to avoid “Porcelain’s” superior melodic elements. (And the hi-def production is significantly less charming than the bedroom grooves of his early work from last week or whatever, but I digress.) It doesn’t make for a great mash-up, but you can compare ’em after the jump. Am I and the Gorilla Vs. Bear commentariat wrong? Let me know. Oh, and “Porcelain”: still a jam.