New Music: Ether Coil – ‘Light’

Ether Coil is a new U.K. quarter with a firmly ’90s influence. The band’s ringing guitars and crisp vocals are pure Britpop, as is the music’s major-key sunny disposition, though Lilith Fair-era alternative makes itself felt, too. Singer Lorri Robinson ties things together with singing that’s both strident and whisper-delicate. As a result, Ether Coil’s debut album, the dynamic, tuneful The Way of the World (impressively tracked in just a week) is full of the sort of songs that Coldplay and, ahem, Shawn Colvin have long since abandoned. See, you can go home again. Stream the album in full after the jump.

Ether Coil – “Light”: mp3

The Way Of The World by Ether Coil

(The Way of the World is out now)