Rawkblog Presents: The Mercury Music Digital Record Club

Mercury Music

Let’s face it: keeping up with new music is hard work. There are too many blogs, too many bands, too many tweets/Facebook updates/RSS feeds/track premieres/album streams/Vimeo clips/Mediafire links. It’s exhausting.

The Mercury Music Digital Record Club is a new subscription service designed to make finding music easy again. Maybe even fun.

Here’s how it works: Every Tuesday, I send the week’s best new album direct to your Spotify inbox, along with a surprise vintage LP that influenced the week’s sounds–so you can soak up the classics while you stay fresh. All you have to do is open Spotify, press play and enjoy. 8 albums a month, only the good stuff. Easy, right?

Members will also receive a custom-made Personal Mixtape designed specifically for you based on your Spotify/Last.fm profile or a list of your favorite music — curated by a human being who wants to help you find your next favorite band, not a computer algorithm that thinks it knows who you are. In the months to come, Mercury members will also receive special playlists and exclusive MP3s you won’t find anywhere else.

I founded Rawkblog back in 2005 with the goal of helping people find great music every single day. If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve found some! Unfortunately, it is nowhere near a full-time job: on a good month, the site pays for the hosting bills and a nice dinner. Rawkblog’s not going anywhere, don’t worry. Mercury Music is just the next step forward, a way for you to support what I do and get something fantastic in return.

Mercury’s going to launch in the next few weeks: bookmark the site, like us on Facebook and sign up for the mailing list below and I’ll let you know when it’s ready. Get excited! This is going to be great.