Give Rawkblog’s Mercury Music For the Holidays

Mercury Music

It’s been a few weeks since launching Mercury Music, Rawkblog’s digital record club, and I’ve been really pleased to see it take off. We’ve had dozens of subscribers and I’ve been up to my ears in personal mixtapes (they’re almost done, folks!). Membership is simple: each week, you get the best new album of the week and an influential classic sent right to your Spotify inbox (I’m looking into Rdio and Mog, too) along with an email newsletter discussing the picks and gathering the week’s most important news and blog posts. No RSS feeds, no clicking through dozens of MP3s, just the good stuff. Not to mention your Personal Mixtape, a specially designed collection to help you find your new favorite bands. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, this is the best way you can support me — and you’ll get music you know you’re going to love in return.

In honor of the holiday season, I’m offering a special 25% off deal for a one-year membership from now until Dec. 23. Give it to your mom, your co-worker, your little brother who doesn’t know Weezer made albums in the ’90s. Check it out, and thanks for reading.