Pepper Rabbit Break Up

Pepper Rabbit
Photo by David Greenwald

Two years ago, one of my more trusted publicists sent over a track from a brand-new band. They were called Pepper Rabbit. “Wanted to get you the scoop,” he wrote. I skimmed their EPs. “Red Wine,” with its piano chords landing like brontosaurus feet, stood out immediately. Rawkblog premiered the track.

In the months to come, I saw a half-dozen Pepper Rabbit shows, spun their two albums, watched them go from unknown L.A. act to openers for ascendent buzz bands and Urban Outfitters playlist darlings, and was lucky enough to book them for our first-ever SXSW party in March. It’s one thing to write about music as a reporter: you’re supposed to keep the veneer of objectivity, of distance, between yourself and the people who make art that opens your heart. As a blogger, who writes because you love the music and want to be as close to it as you can, the lines can’t help but blur. Xander Singh and Luc Laurent are great people, as charming and kind and deserving of success as the fine catalog they leave behind. I’m sad to see the band go, but I’m more grateful they’ve given me the chance to be a friend.

I’ll leave you with a piece of Xander’s goodbye note, which you should read in full on their Facebook page.

One more “in summation”. It’s very hard to be an “indie band” these days. You spend 100% of your time trying to get the band to another level, 75% of the time on tour losing money, and the rest of your time in either complete elation, or complete doubt. So I urge your all to support your friend’s bands, support your favorite bands. Support bands that you don’t even like, because everyone deserves the time of day, everyone deserves your respect until the proven otherwise. Everyone deserves a chance, so give it to them, it doesn’t take much effort. It doesn’t take much effort to help people explore their passion. And that counts for life, not just music. At the end of the day, bands break up for many reasons, and at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter why. All that matter is the music. Remember that.