Reviews: Nada Surf, First Aid Kit

Nada Surf
Photo by _FXR

I wrote about Nada Surf’s The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy for the A.V. Club:

Since 2003 comeback record Let Go, Nada Surf’s quietly built one of indie rock’s most consistent discographies. The Stars is a reliably crisp, tuneful addition, all racing snare hits, taut power chords, and Caws’ emotive tenor… New tricks, however, might be off the menu.

And First Aid Kit’s The Lion’s Roar for eMusic:

Stockholm’s a long way from Folsom Prison, a fact that hasn’t escaped First Aid Kit. The Lion’s Roar, the Swedish duo’s sharp, sepia-toned sophomore album, bridges that gap with “Emmylou,” an homage to Ms. Harris that makes the ultimate offer for lovers of Woodstock-era country.

Both fine records. First Aid Kit’s is stronger, if you have to pick. Click through for my full reviews.

Nada Surf – “When I Was Young”: mp3