In Rotation: Weird Dreams – ‘Choreography’

Weird Dreams - ChoreographyWeird Dreams’ Choreography is this year’s Days: a gooey, fresh-baked guitar pop record that melts directly into your ears. Don’t call it a genre, but alongside Real Estate, Twerps and A Classic Education, we might have a new New Wave on our hands. These bands each play forthright melodies and medium-weight guitar parts given a melancholic tint through the distance of reverb and soaking wet guitar tones. Like their colleagues, the London-based Weird Dreams’ recipe is an old one — the Byrds wrote the original version — but no less tasteful for it. They’re more extroverted in both energy and attitude than Real Estate, sprinkling in the occasional Rivers Cuomo-worthy hook.

Most of the albums I like best these days are efforts of refinement, not progress, the sounds of the past given edge and improvement (or at least an attempt on it) by a enthusiastic new generation. Weird Dreams should be soundtracking mine for weeks to come.

Weird Dreams – “Little Girl”: mp3

Choreography is out now on Tough Love Records.

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