New Music: The Joys of Sleeping, Eyes Lips Eyes, Polly Hi

The Joys Of Sleeping
The Joys of Sleeping / photo by Theo Williams

The Joys of Sleeping: “Dude York Pt. 1” is somehow not named after Seattle ear destroyers Dude York. Instead, it’s a stately chamber-rock whoa-oh almost-anthem that’s heavy on the Do Make Say Think and just a touch Modest Mouse. Very frigid, not very sleepy, really great.

Eyes Lips Eyes: “Blue Red” is on some introverted Elbow/Menomena shit, making it a likable but less exuberant exercise than the spiky, silly “Don’t Blow It,” which I would love to embed for you but physically cannot. But the band’s range is promising, as is their fidelity. If dudes are the next breakthrough L.A. indie band, I’ll be pleased to cheer them on.

Update: Here’s “Don’t Blow It.”

Polly Hi: Sam McDougle’s band plays off-beat, laid-back M. Ward folk, the product of melodic craft and a bedroom electronics budget. It’s quite charming, especially when “All My Energy” walks amiably into the guitar break. Hear more on his site.