Rawkblog’s Playlist Club: Stop Clicking, Start Listening

Rawkblog Playlist Club

Let’s face it: keeping up with new music is hard work. There are too bands, too many blogs and much too much to sort through. Let me help you with that. The Rawkblog Playlist Club is a digital subscription service from someone who listens to everything (or most of it), designed to make finding great music effortless.

Here’s the deal: Every Tuesday, I send my pick for the week’s best new album in a playlist directly to your Spotify inbox, along with a surprise vintage LP that influenced the week’s sounds — so you can soak up the classics while you stay fresh. All you have to do is open Spotify, press play and enjoy. 8 albums a month, only the good stuff. Easy, right? You’ll get them along with a weekly email newsletter with my reviews of both albums, filling you in on their history and critical context while you listen, along with quick links to the week’s best music writing and relevant news — all in one place.

Members will also receive a custom-made Personal Mixtape designed specifically for you based on your Spotify or Last.fm profile or a list of your favorite music — curated by a human being who wants to help you find your next favorite band, not a computer algorithm that thinks it knows who you are. Stop clicking. Start listening.

How It Works

Every Tuesday, a playlist like this one comes direct to your Spotify inbox. In your email, you’ll get a newsletter that looks like this:

The Music:

All Playlist Club picks are chosen by David Greenwald, music journalist and the founder of Rawkblog. It’s indie rock and ’70s folk-centric, with detours into jazz, soul, electronic dance, hip-hop and more. Among the artists who have appeared so far:

Atlas Sound + Sun Kil Moon + American Music Club + High Highs + Buffalo Springfield + Antonio Carlos Jobim + Destroyer + Roxy Music + Michael Kiwanuka + Sam Cooke + First Aid Kit + Lullaby for the Working Class + Cloud Nothings + Andrew Bird + Belle & Sebastian + Hospitality + Memoryhouse + Sea Snakes + Bowerbirds + Jackson C. Frank + Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach + Cat Power + Sharon Van Etten + Tennis + Emmylou Harris + Ravens & Chimes + Leonard Cohen + Nite Jewel + Damien Jurado + Toro Y Moi + Todd Rundgren + Rufus Wainwright + Carole King

Sign Up

Playlist Club is on summer vacation. Drop me an email and I’ll let you know when we’re back in session.

Press and Praise

“The weekly Playlist Club newsletter is always a very welcome sight in my inbox—with its effortless Spotify integration it has brought many a wonderful album from past & present to my attention. I love getting personal, focused and carefully selected recommendations that make for a stress-free alternative of keeping up with what’s new in indie pop & rock. For that smallest of contributions, joining the club is a no-brainer!”
– Hendrik Jasnoch, One Week // One Band founder, Playlist Club member

“Following 20+ blogs and downloading 100 mp3s to find 1 or 2 gems gets old. Dave Greenwald’s Playlist Club is a great way to discover the best new albums and hear older, hidden gems each week without having to spend hours on the internet listening to bad music.”
– Zack Robbins, Playlist Club member

“Playlist Club is an invaluable service. It would take a decade of trolling the internet to discover all of the great bands and artists that David Greenwald has introduced me to in the past few months. If you love your ears, join Playlist Club.”
–Ryan Sartor, Playlist Club member