The Rawking Refuses To Stop! will be taking the next couple weeks off for finals, minus a Radar Bros. review on Thursday.

Coming soon: Year Of The Leak, a brand-new column which will discuss the state of digital music as we know it. Hopefully it will be more than just me bitching about unmastered Beck tracks. Speaking of unmastered Beck, I would like to offer a retraction of sorts. The version of Guero that I reviewed for the Daily Bruin had mislabeled tracks, and included several of the Japanese bonus tracks/b-sides in place of the real songs. This is painfully obvious now that I have the Japanese bonus track edition with the tracks in question. Moral of the story: I’m an idiot. That being said, my opinion of “Send A Message To Her” and “Chain Reaction” still holds true even though I referred to them as “Farewell Ride” and “Emergency Exit” in my review.

I saw Okkervil River on Monday night at the Coop and they were fantastic. Expect them and the Decemberists to get a Live Journal edition when I see them at the Henry Fonda next week.