Cokemachineglow review: Okkervil River

I’ve officially joined the cultural milieu. Bam, baby.

ch-ch-check it out.

(After consulting with my editor, more of the original version was reinstated. Rawk.)

An album arrived in the mail yesterday from Chinaski entitled Megaton Robotic Apple Pie. It sounds a hell of a lot more like the early 2000s (as represented by “How You Remind Me”) meeting the mid-90s (as represented by “Walking On The Sun”) than the psychadelic freak-out I was hoping for. On the other hand, it was free and my first CMG promo, so thanks fellas!

My favorite Canadian label, Threegut Records, is sending me a copy of Sea Snakes – Clear As Day, The Darkest Tools for review, so check them out here. There are various mp3s and streaming audio files floating about (even one linked on a Rob Gordon Shuffle a few weeks back), so listen away – they’re incredible.