Let’s Celebrate.

In honor of passing the 1000 view mark and finally acquiring a long-forgotten album by a Dutch indie band, here is one of my favorite songs.

Download Johan – “Tumble And Fall

Having decided today was Get Into Sam Prekop Day, I listened to his self-titled debut and was thoroughly bored. I know O’Rourke is involved in the record somehow, but I sure can’t hear it. I’ll give Who’s Your New Professor a shot this afternoon, but at this rate I’m not going to be listening to anything but Ben Folds and the National for the rest of the week.

I had a great discussion with Christopher O’Riley yesterday, mostly involving his current Elliott Smith piano transcription project. Hopefully it’ll be a two-disc set that comes out by the end of the year. For now, though, his second album of Radiohead arrangements is out today. We didn’t really talk about it, which is probably poor (or at least untimely) journalism, but props to him for not shamelessly plugging it.