Cokemachineglow Review: Aimee Mann – The Forgotten Arm

Read it and weep.

Hey, it’s about time for a new column. Let’s call this the Glossy Rock Mag Review: I listen to lots of new stuff one time through (if that) and give it a rating and a blurb! (I guess alternatively, we can call this First Impressions and then I can use the Rob Gordon Shuffle to sort of balance it out with stuff I’ve actually digested. Or not.)

Six Organs Of Admittance – School Of The Flower 8/10
This sounds a lot like the Espers album from last year, as performed by one guy who’s really into droning and multiple treble-heavy guitars. It’s really, really awesome.

Architecture In Helsinki – In Case We Die 6.5/10
I liked this better when it was called — no, I guess I didn’t like Blueberry Boat that much either. This is cute. Their debut was cuter and had real songs.

David Thomas Broughton – The Complete Guide To Insufficiency 6/10
This sounds like Antony singing really long Pink Moon covers. Maybe it’s a grower.

EDP – EDP 6/10
’70s NYC cover band checklist: Off-key singer with fake British accent? Check. New wave bass lines? Check. Distorted, poorly recorded guitars? Check. Lead singer with a policeman day job? Wait, that’s not on the list. You’re fired. (This is actually pretty good except for sounding completely derivative. I got it in the mail.)