Maybe we were born to run.

Mr. Ben

I’ve posted about this here. Two more autographs to go – Wednesday’s is a treat. I have a great Phil Elvrum drawing at home, maybe I’ll score you that one on Friday.

Final Wednesday, paper due Wednesday, final Thursday. Everything is under control. Sort of.

Had a productive library sesh today, and started cranking through some ’05 releases. I like twee as much as the next guy (don’t laugh), but “I’m Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star” is like being hit in the face with one of those buckets of licorice. TOO CUTE. I’m talking about The Boy Least Likely To, of course, who do have some really great songs in between all the fluff.

The new Pernice Brothers, Discover A Lovelier You, is pretty fantastic too. Doesn’t taper off at the end like Yours, Mine And Ours does. You can stream about half the record on their site. Don’t miss their MTV2 Cribs special while you’re at it.

I’m making a list of labels to contact with my shiny new music editor title so we can run hella indie-rock review madness next year. Post your favorites, and if you have them, phone numbers and e-mail addresses!