Shit is bananas.

My friend Elliot was visiting me when Okkervil River played on campus. He bought me this CD. I got to see them twice that week, and the Riv puts on a good show. Look out for Sheff’s songs on the new Shearwater album, if you’re a fan.

50 Cent and The Game are still beefy or whatever. If you’re into that whole hip-hop mixtape shooting-people-at-radio-stations thing, you can find some copious (copious!) downloads of people talking shit about everyone’s favorite MC here.

Clap You Hands Say Yeah sound like a snarky Thom Yorke fronting an 80s synth-pop group. Or, according to Ryan Pitchfork, Wilco. What? Anyway, they’re awesome. Start talking them up to your hipster friends now:
In This Home On Ice
Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood

Speaking of Radiohead, there’s a video torrent of Thom playing some new songs here. You may have to register. Maybe Radiohead and Wilco will drop their new albums in the same year and I’ll have to decide, once and for all, which I like better. The horror!