We form like Voltron/Let’s get it on.

My review of Hem’s glorious Rabbit Songs re-issue was published in the old Cokemachine today. If you haven’t heard it, please, please do yourself a favor and buy multiple copies. Shit, guys. Download “Half Acre” if you don’t believe me.

Good news: I’m the 2005-2006 Music Editor (or technically, “Assistant A&E Editor”) for the Daily Bruin, which means gigantic, 2,000 word Ryan Adams reviews this fall. And hopefully more CDs. Hit us up, labels. I promise we won’t let people steal the promos anymore. 🙁

I saw about 10 million copies of Edan’s Beauty And The Beat in Hear Music the other day. Starbucks oughta put out stuff like this instead of Alanis Morissette’s tribute album to herself. Shelf space is shelf space, though, so nice work, Big Coffee.