Two days from now, I’ll be face to face (or car window to drive-thru window) with Skeletor.

(Good timing, world.)

If you’re not familiar with the man, the myth, the legend, he’s a good friend who happens to work at the Jack-In-The-Box on Southern California’s luxurious, scenic Pacific Coast Highway. He works the, er, graveyard shift.

UCLA is the last school in America to finish finals. No, really. It’s practically July and I still have another test to take.

Waiting for that last autograph shot, huh?
Hold up.
Let’s keep the suspense up. Word is Mr. Coyne will be dropping some freshness in February or so. As long as it’s more like The Soft Bulletin and less like Yoshimi Battles The Pink Mediocrity.

Warner Brothers dropped us a copy of the new Alanis today. YES. You can find it at your local Starbucks.