One down, and 3.6 tomorrow

First session of camp is over. Myself and camp video guy/amazing human being Al Shaw recorded a song for the camp video which you probably won’t find funny. Apparently we mixed the bass really high, too. (Thanks to John for laying it down.) See what you think: Download “Climbing Wall.” I’m comencing serious recording with the DRA Sessions as we speak, and the album proper – assuming we actually do it – should be finished by the end of August. I guarantee it won’t be as well-produced as the new Vanderslice album.

If you’re looking for a good read, the Cokemachineglow Halfstravaganza is up. I wrote pieces on Ryan Adams (who else?) and The Decemberists, but it’s all worth checking out if you’re interested in our mid-year staff picks.

I think I’m going to buy U2 tix on eBay this week. Wish me luck.