Dave FM

My iPod should host a college radio show:

Iron & Wine – “Sunset Soon Forgotten”
Joni Mitchell – “Help Me”
The Magic Numbers – “Don’t Give Up The Fight”
Neil Young – “Out On The Weekend”
The Fugees – “Fu-Gee-La”
The Thrills – Our Wasted Lives
Interpol – “Untitled”
Madvillain – “Strange Ways”
The Microphones – “You’ll Be In The Air”
The Softies – “Until You Tell” (note the juxtaposition of K Records artists!)
David Gray – “Freedom”
Broken Social Scene – “Looks Just Like The Sun”
Sufjan Stevens – “In The Devil’s Territory”
Cal Tjader – “Ming” — This guy is ridiculous beyond belief. BEYOND BELIEF.
Madvillain – “Sickfit (instrumental)”
Radiohead – “Wolf At The Door”
Rufus Wainwright – “Natasha”
The Russian Futurists – “Still Life”
David Bowie – “Weeping Wall” (from Low, part of the Berlin Trilogy! Berlin and Russia are totally the same thing!
The Books – “Mikey Bass”
Elliott Smith – “See My City Dead”
Elliott Smith – “Oh Well, Ok”
Ben Folds Five – “Alice Childress”
Neutral Milk Hotel – “King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1”

Damn. A little later, it segued Thelonious Monk into The Wrens (totally ridiculous), but you get the idea.

Photo courtesy of The Lilac Breasted Roller, who, like this blog, uses Flickr.com.

I talked to John Fernandes of the Olivia Tremor Control today, and found him as excited about playing with his old band and making music as you could possibly imagine. Apparently Jeff Mangum is still doing sound collages and not recording new Neutral Milk Hotel material, but I guess one five-star album per career is more than enough.