Save The Music + Swedish Folk

If you want to contribute to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts with old CDs, Walkmens, etc., you can do that here. And just when I was wondering what to do with that stack of burned CDs from high school…

On that note, it looks like Alex Chilton is safe in Houston. *Phew* now I can go ahead and bash In Space. (Actually though it’s not that bad. We’ll see what another few spins reveal.)

This José González character is being cleverly advertised as a “quite-is-the-new-loud” troubador from his native Sweden. He does indeed sound like the Kings of Convenience. You will like him: check out “Stay In The Shade,” thanks to our friends at Hidden Agenda Records.

As many of you know, I use Flickr for photo hosting. You can check out my page (which right now is pretty much just stuff on here), but more importantly, it’s the U.S. Open…time for some Photoshop Tennis.