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As Austin Powers — a hero of mine — once said, “This is my happening and it freaks me out!” Welcome to The Rawking Refuses To Stop! As a daily music, MP3 and pop culture blog, we cover everything from indie-folk hermits to power-pop janglers to, uh, Wu-Tang Clan. Regular features on the lovingly nicknamed Rawkblog include the Ambient Series (on electronic/ambient/instrumental music), The Canon, Examined (on great forgotten albums) and full concert Bootlegs and rare tracks, as well as concert photography, live reviews and a range of non-musical subjects, including Deeper Into Movies — our film review column. Don’t miss the Album Release Calendar, a frequently updated compilation of upcoming releases complete with legal MP3s.

This being an MP3 blog, we post a lot of songs, as we’ve been doing since our inception in March 2005. They’ll be up for a week (except for tracks posted in the Bootlegs column, which will be up forever… or until the bandwith runs out). If you missed a tune and want a re-post, e-mail us and we’ll see what we can do, or you can still listen to them on our page on the Hype Machine. If you like anything you hear, please support the artists by seeing their live show and buying their albums: they are poor and probably have day jobs when they’re not touring all the time. In other words, they need your support. Try Insound or your local record store, or you can always be an indie rock hero and go direct to the record label via the links included in each post.


I’m David Greenwald (“Dave Rawkblog”), this blog’s founder, designer, editor and primary writer and photographer. I’m a Los Angeles-based journalist. You can read my stuff in the pages of the Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Filter, Flaunt, Nylon, Buzznet, The Daily Bruin (where I was Arts & Entertainment editor) and Cokemachineglow, among others. Recently, I’ve started another blogging project with Camera Obscurist, a hi-res photoblog updated three times a week with whatever catches my eye and/or viewfinder. I also am helplessly devoted to Ryan Adams.


Greg Katz (“Greg aka gkla”) is the DJ behind these mixes and the former general manager of His personal blog is here. Greg loves Kid A, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Trader Joe’s.

Alfred Lee (“alfred”) is a film buff and hip-hop head who used to write about both subjects with me at the Daily Bruin. He might actually like Animal Collective more than I like Ryan Adams, if that’s even possible.

Carman Tse is a DJ on, a post-punk and free jazz enthusiast and my former roommate. He owns a baby tarantula named “The Beast” and knows more about sports than the rest of us combined — naysayers can check out his column, The Sporting Life, for proof.


If you are in a band or work for a label, we’d love to hear your stuff. Don’t ask us if we’d like to hear an MP3 — please just send us an MP3. Or a few of them. We prefer digital servicing (192kpbs or better, please) but if you’d like to send over a CD, that’d be great too. Just e-mail us and we’ll give you the appropriate address. Be warned, though: we have plenty of great albums to blog about already and unfortunately get more e-mails than we can respond to, so don’t be offended if we don’t end up posting your tracks.

Alternatively, if you work for The Man and want to shut down our file-sharing, let us know and we’ll take the offending tracks down immediately.


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