Killa Cam (Killa Who?)

I saw Minus Story last night (excellent. Pics + review tomorrow) so here are songs from their last couple records.
From Heaven And Hell EP – “Time Wastes Itself”: mp3
From The Captain Is Dead, Let The Drum Corpse Dance – “You Were On My Side”: mp3

Cam’ron was shot three times today (or once with a magic bullet), probably so Killa Season can compete with Fitty Cent’s new movie. Dude said in the hospital, “I got shot three times and my album comes out November 22.” SOOO hip-hop. Thumbs up, Killa.

The Hipinion message board has a hilarious thread devoted to making fun of Rob Mitchum and Rehearsing My Choir, or as they call it, “embarrassing your grandmother.” For the record, Rubber Soul is my favorite Beatles record. Doesn’t P4k like anything?

Nitsuh Abebe has written a remarkably insightful look at the British and American twee/indie-pop/C-86 scenes on Pitchfork. My beloved Softies get mentioned a few times.

Also up on the ‘Fork today was an article by my all-time favorite music critic, whose review of Embarrassing Your Grandmother was flawless except for a punishable-by-death reference to the press kit. But we can let that one slide.