The Rob Gordon Shuffle, 10/24-10/30 *Halloween Edition!*

Hey there, Hipinion. Guys love me, apparently. The best part is where my pal Carman questions my taste.

UCLA won scored three touchdowns in 8 minutes to beat Stanford last night. It was amazing.

Yeah. Anyway. I know you, and you want mp3s. Here they are. Spooky songs:

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – “Madeline-Mary”: mp3
The loudest, most rocking song on the quietly haunting I See A Darkness, all of Will Oldham’s songs are just fucking scary. If you don’t know this guy – and this album – it’s a classic.

The Velvet Underground – “The Gift”: mp3
A spoken-word story about a guy dying hideously with VU jamming incoherently in the background? Scary enough for me.

Tom Waits – “Cemetary Polka”: mp3
This needs no introduction. It’s from Rain Dogs.

Very busy this week, but lots of good stuff coming down the pipe – some live Olivia Tremor Control coming up next.