The wolverine, who has no friends

So, I fixed my gigantic iTunes headache. Sort of. Turns out all I had to do was:

“If iTunes playback sounds funny/skips/like ‘The Chipmunks’, try this easy QuickTime fix first:
> quit iTunes
> open Windows Control Panel – QuickTime entry
> Sound Out option, set it to ‘wavout:Windows preferred device’ -or- > ‘wavout:name_of_soundcard’
> reboot
> try iTunes again”

Insidious little fuckers, huh? So now iTunes plays, but my computer overall is still slower than it used to be even after a cleansing reformat – iTunes still hiccups when I’m downloading a zip file, for instance. And I download a lot of zip files. Oh well.

In honor of this life-altering event (you guys have no idea how stressed out I’ve been the last few weeks. NO IDEA.), I’d like to spotlight my favorite unknown band. The Ancient Greeks, whose name makes them difficult to Google, released The Song Is You in 2003. It’s a gorgeous album that combines slippery jazz chords with Built To Spill freakouts and pop dynamics. Flameshovel Records has some mp3s, but alas, no bio or info.

Ask Me A Question About The Atom: mp3
The Wolverine, Who Has No Friends: wma
Center: Stream

This one’s worth buying, if only for the song “Lay-Up” which I use on every mixtape ever.