Midtermity Crisis

DC Comics sent us the hardcover of Identity Crisis in the mail. Harrowing stuff. I’m not overly familiar with the DC universe at this point, but I love Supes and Batman and all that and this is a fantastic story either way. I finished Sandman this week too. Totally excellent. And I interviewed Stan Lee. Keep an eye out for a link to that on here next Thursday.

OK, music. And yeah, I have a midterm tomorrow.

Winter Vacation is, from the little I know, one guy who sounds like Phil Elvrum playing really excellent Built To Spill covers. His album, The Netherlands, 1980 screams endearingly whiney, lo-fi early 90s indie folk. So like old Death Cab records if they were awesome.

“The Greenest Age”: mp3
courtesy of our friends at Asaurus Records.

U2 was good, by the way. Didn’t blow my mind – hopefully the Stones will do that tomorrow. Review in the Bruin next week.

(if you’re interested, here’s my interview from this week with Metric.)