The Rob Gordon Shuffle; 10/31-11/06

Eggnog is fucking amazing.

It’s been a rough week at school. More posting soon, guys – hang in there.

Without further ado…

Frida Hyvonen – “Drive My Friend”: mp3
I had this on the other day and my girlfriend mistook it for Joni Mitchell. Not quite, but that’s some high praise for a piano-playing songstress. This song is the first and best on her 2005 release Until Death Comes, which is catchy and beautiful and strikingly mature. More info on her site.

Richard Hawley – “The Ocean”: mp3
Hawley’s Cole’s Corner is a crooner record. A very successful, majestic one. This song will tug on your heartstrings like Bing Crosby in Technicolor.

Broken Social Scene – “Baby You’re In Luck (Live)”: mp3
Fantastic version of an Apostle of Hustle song that sounds way better live and acoustic. Kevin Drew may be a drama queen, but Christ is he a great singer (edit: Andrew Whiteman, the Apostle of Hustle, actually sings on this track. Kevin Drew is still a drama queen). You can buy the 6-track sessions this song sprang from here. I’m seeing BSS on Tuesday and I can’t wait.

Peace out, fellas.


The Rob Gordon Shuffle is a weekly Sunday rundown of fascinating songs without particular regard to genre or timeliness. It is absolutely not a top 5.