<3, Sam, and Sally

If you were married to New Buffalo, wouldn’t you put her higher than #10 on your year-end top 10 list? Just a thought. If you’re like me and count her 2004 Australian release, The Last Beautiful Day is ineligible for lists anyway, but if you’re not so picky, give her a listen. Bummer I missed out on this one last year.

New Buffalo: “Recovery”: mp3
New Buffalo: “I’ve Got You And You’ve Got Me”: mp3

So Much Silence is hosting a shit-ton of live Iron & Wine and Calexico from NPR and KEXP. Quality is really nice and Sam’s voice sounds absolutely gorgeous live (so much better than on the records, it’s almost embarrassing) so check it out.

Well, I beat Pitchfork to Love Is All, but not Fluxblog. There’s always someone ahead of the curve. I love how the ‘Fork consistently reviews these unknown indie bands the week after their album leaks on Indietorrents and shows up in the top 10 most downloaded. CYHSY was one of those, too.

Home demo recording is proceeding slowly. I’ve actually written two more songs since I bought the equipment, which is two more than the amount of proper recordings I’ve completed, but I’d rather have new material. Maybe if you guys ask really nicely, I’ll post a demo. Maybe.