A Sleepy Rob Gordon Shuffle

I’ll believe in anything if you’ll believe in anything. Hey Hype Machine, what do I have to do to get some attention around here? Sheesh.

Rock journalism kept me up all night. It’s a lazy Sunday morning, except that I’m half an hour late to somewhere important. Such is life.

Rocky Voltalo – “White Daisy Passing”: mp3
Rocky says this album isn’t done. Sounds great to me. Assuming he doesn’t ruin it in post-production, Makers is the first good just-plain folk record of 2006.

Acid House Kings – “This Heart Is A Stone”: mp3
“They say your middle name is trouble, but I know it’s Caroline.” What a great line. This sounds like Belle and Sebastian, or more accurately, Camera Obscura sounding like Belle and Sebastian with a very jolly Christmas feel.

Andrew Bird – “First Song”: mp3
AB did, in fact, put out some records before & The Mysterious Production Of Eggs. This is from Weather Systems, which is a little less produced and a little more folky. Certainly an interesting piece of evolution, and a nice little song. The whistling is amazing, obv.

This week: Songs of the Year and a 2005 podca…mixtape. See you on Tuesday.


The Rob Gordon Shuffle is a weekly Sunday rundown of fascinating songs and albums without any particular regard to genre or timeliness. It is absolutely not a top 5.