What you thought was dumb / the fraction of a sum

Paper Airplanes sound like the Radar Bros. might, if the bros were far more ambitious. And listened to more Mercury Rev or Ancient Greeks. This is quite the record to discover with two weeks left in the year – I may have to restructure my list. Again. Their record is called Boyhood.

“Julius”: mp3
“Curious Phantasm”: mp3

Lists (songs/albums of the year, etc.) will start going up next week. In the meantime, check out our staff stuff at the Glow – there’s a pretty extensive year-end podcast.

Also how the fuck do you do an interview with Ryan Adams in which he lays out the whole 29 album for you and then not really talk about the narrative sweep and reduce “The Sadness” to a tired Ennio Morricone cliche in your review? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

The National is cleaning up in the year-end blog lists – So Much Silence just named Alligator its number one record of 2005, as did Chromewaves. Nice to see I’m not crazy for liking a plain old rock record so much.