Elliott Smith Lives: Pt. 3

1998 blah blah Good Will Hunting blah blah XO blah blah Dreamworks blah blah John Lennon, Zombies and Big Star covers blah blah excellent sound quality blah blah you get the idea.

4.17.98 at the Black Cat, Washington D.C. is available in FLAC and mp3 here.

Elliott Smith – “Jealous Guy” (John Lennon cover): mp3
Elliott Smith – “Care of Cell 44” (Zombies cover): mp3

Tomorrow I’ll post my two favorite shows of all time, and then we’ll finish with a couple 2003 shows on Saturday.

EDIT: That’s a lie. I have a ’99 and a 2001 show to post. Maybe we’ll go all weekend. Let me know if you guys are getting bored, I can put the new I Love Joy Division But I’ve Chosen Brian Eno or whatever.