The Rob Gordon Politick

I’d be pumped too if I was protecting the Constitution and sticking it to The Man.

Awesome, awesome blog I Guess I’m Floating is hosting some new Shins songs (just live stuff, sorry guys) and a bunch of obscure Sufjan Stevens tracks I didn’t know existed. Dude’s going on the blog roll.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – “Loop Duplicate My Heart”: mp3
These guys are schmaltzy like The Magnetic Fields are schmaltzy, which means they’re actually quite good. It’s that disembodied baritone, I guess. RIYL the version of “Call Me” from the first Austin Powers soundtrack. File under: 2005 albums I ignored for 6 months.

We Are Scientists – “Lousy Reputation”: mp3
So these guys are kind of overrated after all, but this song is great and doesn’t try too hard to sound like its more distinctive predecessors. File under: blander, more accessible post-punk that still kicks the shit out of those Killers poseurs.

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins – “Big Guns”: mp3
This reminds me a little bit of Elliott Smith until Lewis’ voice comes in and gets all Emmylou heart-melting on us. The album is much better than I expected, and unlike the Belle & Sebastian track I almost posted, you’ll be able to buy it next week. File under: apple-pie

Kind of a rockist Rob Gordon, huh? I guess he’d be proud.


The Rob Gordon Shuffle is a weekly Sunday rundown of fascinating songs without particular regard to genre or timeliness. It is absolutely not a top 5.