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Black costume? I’m down. Too bad it’s not an actual different costume like it’s supposed to be, but that’s ok. It’ll be interesting to see where they go story-wise, they’re in untested waters at this point.

My review of Destroyer’s Rubies printed in the Daily Bruin today. 4.5/5, for the record. Rubies came out on Tuesday and is, without question, the finest release of first quarter of 2006, so pick it up from Merge.

Rose Melberg of The Softies, who are pretty much my favorite band ever (yes, over Radiohead and Wilco) has a new album due April 25. Her first release in six years, unless she put out an album in 2001 that I’m not aware of. Mp3s/real post as soon as they’re available, but for now Double Agent Records has a cover song Rose recorded for kicks.

Rose Melberg – “The Time Has Come”: mp3

Also, my epic, gigantic Softies retrospective is finally up on the Glow, if you’re so inclined.

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs, who along with Mike Myers made up the supergroup Ming Tea back in the day (yes, Susie was in The Bangles) have a new record due April 18th. It’s a cover record of their favorite 60s tracks, and the stuff on their MySpace sounds awesome.