Just like Christmas, if it was Halloween

Ryan Adams has the best tee shirts ever.

This being a Moz post, you’re no doubt expecting new songs from the forthcoming release Ringleader of the Tormentors. But for those of us whose introduction to Morrissey was, um, through that Colin Meloy EP, how about some old ones?

Morrissey – “Suedehead”: mp3
I always thought this was a Smiths b-side called “I’m So Sorry,” thanks to a mislabelling of the file I was sent through Audiogalaxy back in the day.

Morrissey – “Everyday Is Like Sunday”: mp3

Both of these fine songs can be found on Moz’s 1988 solo album Viva Hate (“Naw, man, Bona Drag!”) which you can find at reputable retailers everywhere.

I’m trying to live out the remainder of my adolescence before I turn 21.