Lovin’ Jesus

Half-handed Cloud is the second artist I’ve checked out from Asthmatic Kitty Records – one Sufjan Steven being the first, obv. – and I like what I hear. The Cloud is cute and electronic like Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and multi-layered and sharp like Jim Guthrie.

AND LOVES GOD (and presumably Jesus, though I didn’t catch His name).

Anyway, whether you’re down with J.C. or not, this is pretty likeable. Halos & Lassos is due March 7.

Half-handed Cloud – “Earth Outside of Ghost Will Only Be Quicksand”: mp3
Half-handed Cloud – “A Bed That Breathes With Him”: mp3

I like Jim O’Rourke as much (if not way, way more) as the next guy, but how can everybody forget about Central Reservation? It’s pretty much the apex of the Lilith Fair generation, even if Beth Orton had nothing to do with that “scene.” Sarah McLachlan would kill to make a record like this.

Beth Orton – “Central Reservation”: mp3