Radio, Radio

Rumor has it that these tracks are unmastered, but that didn’t stop you from downloading Hail To The Thief back in the day, right?

TV On The Radio – “A Method”: (removed by request)
TV On The Radio – “Playhouses”: (removed by request)

Not that you need the incentive, but this reminds me a lot of Jim O’Rourke and the Beta Band and is totally awesome.

Update: The band asked I Guess I’m Floating to take the songs down, so I’ll respect their wishes as well. You can still stream the tracks on the Hype Machine.

Also, the band released a song as a free mp3 in September entitled “Dry Drunk Emperor.” You can hear it here.

YouTube has an abundance of Elliott Smith videos, but none more awesome than him being interviewed by Carson Daly on TRL (!) after being nominated for an Oscar. It’s so awkward, Elliott’s strumming his guitar nervously and Carson’s asking him if he’s folk or pop.

Jeff Tweedy’s 7:30 performance at the University of Chicago is webcasting tonight at WilcoWorld. (That’s 5:30 for you west coasters…)