FrOm thE CLiFfS

I posted about them a little bit before, but Guillemots are a new UK band that sounds (unsurprisingly) like Travis (vocals), early/good Coldplay (guitars) and Doves (atmospherics), mixed in a blender with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Their debut From The CliFfs is pretty great, aside from the band’s incredibly annoying habit of wRitiNG liKE tHiS all over its Web site. Here are some tracks from the group’s page (right-click, save-as):

Guillemots – “Through The Windowpane” (live): mp3
Guillemots – “If The World Ends” (live): mp3
Guillemots – “Cold Cool Moon” (demo): mp3
Guillemots – “Sea Out” (demo): mp3

Buy from Fantastic Plastic Records / hear more at MySpace

Anybody going to see The National at the Troubadour tonight? I’ll be wearing a red track jacket, carrying a notepad and looking disheveled.

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