Save The Rawking Refuses To Stop!

First: Not only did Drag City Records have the brilliant idea to make the new Loose Fur video out of Japanese Power Ranger clips (or something), they put it up on YouTube.


Some blogs sell ads. Some do funding drives. Me, I don’t ask much – just enjoy the music, support the artists, that kind of thing. However, as my quest to complete my childhood comic book collection nears its stunning conclusion, I need your help. I’m looking for the comic you see above – New Warriors #61. I’ve checked stores far and wide and swept the Internet to no avail, so if you have this comic book and would be willing to sell/part with it, let me know. I’ll be eternally grateful.

(I’m missing this and two issues of Web of Spider-Man, and then I’m done. The collection includes seven-year runs of all the major Spidey titles as well as New Warriors, Darkhawk, Thunderbolts, and a long stretch of post-“Heroes Return” Fantastic Four.)

What are you guys pulling? I just read Superman #650 and was very impressed, probably enough to stick with it for a while.