Silver Jews: Tour of the Year PART 2

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Jews. Part 2. The historic 3.10.06 concert.

Again, Rich, the taper of the show, has the whole thing up on his blog as well, but since you’re already here. I’m just going to post the songs – if you want the between-song banter too, grab the YSI at the bottom.

Silver Jews – “Dallas”: mp3
Silver Jews – “Horseleg Swastikas”: mp3
Silver Jews – “Sleeping Is The Only Love”: mp3
Silver Jews – “Slow Education”: mp3
Silver Jews – “Punks In The Beerlight”: mp3
Silver Jews – “I Loved Them Everyone”: mp3
Silver Jews – “Buckingham Rabbit”: mp3

Get the full show in two parts:
Part 1: Download
Part 2: Download

Random thoughts:

Since when is Thom Yorke blogging about the (presumably normal) frustrations of recording an album a news story?

Hey Furnaces fans, how sweet is the “Billy Jean” nod on “Oh Sweet Woods?” How sweet is Bitter Tea in general? Irony on several levels here, folks.

I take Brokeback Mountain about as seriously as the next red-blooded male, but this parody has bunnies!