The Rob Gordon Shuffle, 3/11/06

“Hey, my iPod died!”
“Keep paddling.”

The Clientele – “Since K Got Over Me”: mp3
So I’m totally in love with this song. It captures that sense of atmospherics and wistfulness that Belle & Sebastian used to aim for on stuff like “Like Dylan in the Movies” and the Autumn Defense have mastered. Pretty interesting compositionally, as well.
Merge Records

Neil Halstead – “Seasons”: mp3
I’ve found Neil’s work with Mojave 3 to be pretty hit-and-miss – for every “Return To Sender,” there’s half an album of forgettable blandness. This song, from his solo album Sleeping On Roads, is one of those that do everything right.
4AD Records / Mojave 3

The One AM Radio – “Untied”: mp3
Hrishikesh Hirway is no longer recording under this moniker, but the delicate electro-folk music crafted with it is no less affecting. A Name Writ In Water (available via mail order for a mere $10!) remains one of my favorite albums of 2004, and it’s one of the few that somehow manages to improve with every single listen.
Hrishikesh Hirway