The Rose Melberg Shuffle

Rose Melberg is one of my favorite musicians in the universe, so you can imagine how excited I was to find her first album in six years or so in my mailbox. Melberg was, of course, the primary member of The Softies, and her last release was that band’s wonderful Holiday In Rhode Island way back in 2000. Every time I listen to Cast Away The Clouds (including today’s three spins in a row) I discover another perfect song, so mark it down with a big red check in your prospective year-enders. While “Take Some Time” is textbook Softies, “Irene” is perhaps the first ever Melberg track that can be described as “jaunty.” Both have the most amazing harmonies you will ever hear in your life.

Rose Melberg – “Take Some Time”: (removed by request)
Rose Melberg – “Irene”: (removed by request)

The album is due April 25 on Double Agent Records / stream more on MySpace

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