You’ve got a friend

Posting a little early tonight – I’m off to my first sorority formal. Pray that they only play “My Humps” once.

I’m lucky enough to know a few genius musicians – and I write that completely seriously – who, miraculously, play guitar with me once in a while and teach me recording tricks. Jarrad Kritzstein, who records with a friend under the name Action Jackson, is one of these musicians. While he’s basically a studio wizard, his recent output has been in the form of a pair of solo acoustic tracks. J’s got a real grasp of pop music – especially Sub Pop music. These songs have a touch of Iron & Wine and a smidgen of Shins. You will like them.

Action Jackson – “Everything’s Better On A Trampoline”: mp3
Action Jackson – “Join The Revolution, Free A Tamogachi”: mp3

Check out more tracks on his PureVolume or drop him an e-mail so he’ll have some incentive to finish his solo debut, get signed to Sub Pop all Chad Vangaalen-style and be a huge rock star already.

Major injustice of 2005: Chad Vangaalen releasing the best Sub Pop album of the year and receiving far less attention than Wolf Parade. He’s Canadian too, guys. Would’ve been in my top 5 or so had it been eligible under my silly self-inflicted rules.

Hey Greg, when do I get to post your demos? I still have that shoegaze cover of “Sounds of Silence.”