Damn, he’s opening that closet

Am I the only person in the universe who hadn’t seen this, guys? I watched it tonight for the first time and was just blown away. R. Kelly’s performance is Oscar-worthy.

I interviewed Rose Melberg today. She’s my favorite Living Relevant Musician and as such, was incredibly sweet and funny. The Q+A should be up on CMG next week.

Kevin So Much Silence has an excellent Neko Case live performance up in three parts right here. I love music blogs.

Justin Aquarium Drunkard is now doing a show on Little Radio – I suggest you check it out. There’s been some dispute among us bloggers about LR…dudes have an interesting format for aggregating blog posts into a Pitchfork-esque music/news site (“blogzine”), but the way in which they’ve gone about getting permission and interacting with the blogosphere has been defensive and vitriolic at best. (Obligatory disclosure: I haven’t been contacted by them, which is just as well. Also, they’re linking to the CMG podcast, which is all well and good except that it looks all official-like and they never said a word to us. Anyway.)

Destroyer is playing an over-21 show on May 9 at Spaceland the day after I turn 21. Needless to say, I’ll be there.

I dropped $140 on CDs at Amoeba tonight. If you don’t have it, you should pick this one up as well:

Big Star – “September Girls”: mp3
Big Star – “Back of a Car”: mp3

Buy #1 Record/Radio City from Amazon / i was going to warn you to skip the MySpace but actually it’s just old amazing stuff so yeah, listen up

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