Flyin’ High in the Friendly Skies

Airport Cathedrals have a sound reminiscent of a louder Pedro The Lion – that is to say, lo-fi and ragged, without sacrificing tenderness or simple beauty. Jetlag is their latest album, and while I can’t say I like it as much as, Pedro’s It’s Hard To Find A Friend (which I rediscovered over spring break and listened to about five times), it’s worth a listen.

Airport Cathedrals – “Cure-Alls”: mp3
Airport Cathedrals – “Now I Know”: mp3

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In case you missed it the first time (it was mislabelled, that cardinal sin of mp3 blogging) and because he just took it down from his MySpace so it must be hott, the new Kevin Federline track once again:
K-Fed – “America’s Most Hated”: mp3

Sam has an interesting take on the new Flaming Lips. I think the album’s great.